A day in the life of an online marketing, PR and social media assistant at The Spires Suites.



I live for social media, I just can’t fathom a life without it. And it makes me wonder what we ever did without it. Whether it’s for your own personal use or you’re using it on behalf of a business, you can literally spend hours every day ‘tweeting’, ‘poking’, ‘liking’, expressing your own opinions or the opinions of a company online to the wider world and I can guarantee, it will have you hooked within a matter of moments. Yes, I do realise that it can take over you life, aspects like your “offline” social life so to speak can be affected but as long as you discipline yourself and only use it at certain times or days it can be extremely beneficial.


Social media has quickly become the fastest growing promotional, marketing and advertising tool within businesses over the past number of years. With social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube allowing people to connect with one another across the globe in a rather astonishingly speedy way will get you noticed by prospective clients, buyers, or competitors in the blink of an eye. Businesses should simply not be without a social networking site, especially those sites that link businesses together like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Stumbleupon.


Blogging is another important social media tool, it began as a way of expressing personal thoughts and opinions, however over the years it has become so much more. Businesses are now using blogs as a way of marketing their own brands, and making their business more engaged in the global world through the means of social networking. Technorati are an online blogging directory made up of a network of blogs that deal with categories like business, entertainment and technology. For increasing your blogs readership, registering with Technorati would be advantageous for your company.



Coming up with new blogs can be difficult but by writing blogs with even a slight relevance to your company can open up a whole new readership which can draw more attention to your company. Blogs allow you to express your own thoughts, however writing a blog for a company is different. Essentially you must have the companies own interests at heart which can in fact be fun for you as I have discovered. I have been researching topics I would never have looked at before, however I personally have developed more of an interest in.


One important thing I have learned about keeping The Spires Suites social media up to date is research research and more research is vital in discovering new topics. My constant browsing through different websites allows me to generate ideas and create new topics to interact with The Spires social media audience. It keeps me up to date with current topics and trends and also I don’t get bored easily. My favourite part of working in The Spires apart from the fantastic office atmosphere of course is being allowed to be as creative as I want to be and using this creativity for the good of the business and to generate more awareness of such a extraordinary company.


Over selling can be a deal breaker for me and for the majority of people looking at social networking sites from businesses. People can get annoyed by the constant selling of your brand. It is important to keep topics fun and interesting which will not only engage your audience but they might learn something new or current from you which will in turn hopefully get them to return to your page.


Mixing it up is absolutely crucial. I don’t tend to stay on the one topic and I try my best to reach all audience demographics and keep it current. Yesterdays news will not want to be known today, it’s yesterdays news for a reason. As online marketing changes so fast due to the speed of the internet it is important to read other blogs and stay up to date with relevant news stories. This can be demanding but it allows you to be constantly learning all the time.



Since starting last week I have learned about social media through the eyes of a business, which is extremely different to your own personal social networking. You have to be cautious about how you approach different topics, what suits the company you are promoting and will the information you are providing to your audience be of benefit to the company. You have to keep the company in mind at all times and be careful not to sway off topic too much.



It’s extremely enjoyable coming up with new topics to discuss everyday and interactions with the audience makes it all very exciting. So when we get new followers on Twitter, new likes on our Facebook page or people following our boards or liking our pins on Pinterest makes it all the more worth while and gives me a sense of success and the feeling that I am hopefully doing the right thing for the company.


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