Is it time to re-locate?

The word re-location can instil a certain fear factor amongst many people. However for others they see it as an opportunity to be leaped at. Whether you’re looking to settle down with your family, or you’re an individual going it alone, or your simply fed up with your life and you need a change, the United Kingdom is a place where you can come and feel right at home and trust me you’ll never look back.



By the end of March 2011, 591,000 people had come to live in the UK according to the Office of National Statistics. Unfortunately this will more than likely continue to grow as we experience ongoing economic downturns across the globe.  Moving to a new country may be your only option to escape and if you’re not from an english speaking country it can be a daunting experience as you have a lot to organise before you make such a big upheaval. However don’t get yourself into a panic it is guaranteed to be the best move you will ever make. Whether you want to work in the UK or you wish to start or further your academic studies here, the window for opportunities is wide open.


The UK boasts strong agriculture and fishing industries, a construction industry that is climbing back up the ranks since the recession hit (this is not without thanks to the Olympic Games 2012 which has created numerous construction jobs), a strong oil and gas industry largely based in Aberdeen, and the best shopping destinations in the world.


The UK is also home to the most breathtaking landscape, historical sites, and some of the most amazing beaches, once we get the good weather that is. So your re-location won’t be spent stuck indoors there’s a wealth of countryside to be explored.



The number one priority before you leave your home country, before you print those boarding passes, or remove your shoes, belt, scarf, jacket and sort your liquids at the security gate (I haven’t yet managed a good grasp on easy, hassle free travelling) or even step foot in the airport is to organise where you are going to stay, because lets face it the weather in the UK is not exactly the most promising for sleeping it rough on the streets. Hotels can be expensive for what kind of service your receiving so for re-location purposes Serviced Apartments will provide you with excellent accommodation, maid service, and a continental breakfast can be available on request. This makes a serviced apartment a home away from home in the sense that instead of being cooped up in a small hotel room you get to enjoy the space and freedom you would at home in a serviced apartment to do what you want and whenever you want.



In a serviced apartment you basically live like you would at home, except at home you have to wash your own towels and clean your own bathroom and kitchen, this is not the case with serviced apartments. All the daily cleaning routines will be carried out by cleaning staff…can we move in now and stay forever please???


The best thing about serviced apartments is that you can stay for as long as you want, whether it be for just one night, or one month, or even up to one year you will still receive the same top quality service from the beginning of your stay right until the very end. This is why serviced apartments are ideal when you’re looking into re-locating as it gives you the time to settle into the country so you can proceed with important issues like setting up your bank account, getting involved in clubs and societies to meet new people, find schooling for the kids, register with your local health care provider and eventually look for accommodation to rent or to buy.


See re-locating isn’t such a scary prospect if you know where to go first. The British people are a friendly folk so don’t be apprehensive about your big move you’ll find we are always willing to help, all you have to do is ask.


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