What does home mean to you?

“There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home”, chanted Dorothy as she clicked her heels three times in the wonderful children’s fairytale classic, The Wizard of Oz.

But where is home? What does it comprise of? How does it make you feel? These are all questions to which very different answers can be got, depending on the person being asked.

A home can be defined as a place where one lives, however it means so much more to each individual. Many of us believe that the place we grew up in, whether it was our parents house, or our grandparents house, is still classified as our home even if we have moved to a new place or even a new country. It was where you were brought into this world, it made us who we are today, it created our identity. A person’s home is filled with the emotional attachment that money cannot buy. Our childhood belongs to these homes. It is a place where we felt secure and happy while growing up. For many, our childhood homes are still our place of dwelling and will remain our fortress for the foreseeable future.

Home is where you make home, a warm cosy house with your own bed, and your own pillow, where you can prepare your own food, light the fire, relax and cuddle up on the couch in front of the television after a long hard day is what a home is to many people. A home can be the centre of a person’s world and it is the most important thing man and woman can have.

Others simply enjoy the freedom of calling wherever they settle, or wherever the next job they find will automatically be their home. The world can be your home as long as your surrounded by the people you love. If you’ve caught the travel bug and you are unable to settle in one city, the places where you have taken shelter for short periods of time may be considered as a home to you.

A common theme running throughout the answers to this question is feeling safe and secure within a home as opposed to a place that doesn’t surround you with that protected feeling. A sense of belonging in a house with the people you love creates a safe haven which makes a house into a home according to others. A home is more of a feeling than a physical place like a building or location. It’s where your sentiments and memories belong.

So if you’ve uprooted your home to another country, you don’t have a specific location where you call home or your still in the place you called home since your childhood, there is certainly no place like home. Money will buy you a house but love, security and happy memories make it a home.

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