Business trip, what you need to remember.

Travelling can be exhausting and the last thing you want to do is to forget something vital for your business trip. So here’s a quick fire list of those valuable things you need  to remember for when you’re jetting off to seal the deal in that all important corporate meeting.

1. All important documents

Before you leave for the airport be sure to pack these substantial documents into your hand luggage.

A valid Passport is needed to get out of the airport, even though a small number of airlines will allow you to travel internally with a valid drivers licence however a passport is a safer option.

Boarding pass, most airlines allow you to print off your boarding pass before you even arrive at the airport making your waiting times that little bit shorter, especially if you don’t need to check in a bag you can just go straight through security.

A valid drivers licence, if you are thinking about renting a car, all car rental companies will need to be supplied with a valid full drivers licence.

Visa’s (business/tourist) if applicable. Ensure the information on the forms is correct to avoid any troubles at customs.

Only bring the credit cards you will need. Make sure you save any numbers needed in an emergency if your credit cards happen to get lost or stolen.

2. Healthcare

Any prescriptions if you are travelling with medication. To avoid the hassle of trying to explain what the medication is a prescription will validate your reasoning for bringing these onboard.

A spare pair of glasses or contact lenses with a prescription in case you run out and need to get a replacement quickly.

If you have any specific allergies be sure to bring all the correct medication in case you suffer from a reaction. Medical alert bracelet’s are a great idea and can be bought online and created to your own fashion taste.

Ensure your travel and health insurance is all currently up to date especially during the specific times you will be travelling.

Air sickness medication and headache medication may be needed. Even the most travelled people can suffer from air sickness, just be on the safe side. All the waiting around in airport lounges can be draining on your body as well as your mind. Be prepared you’ll be a lot less stressed.

3. Technology

There’s nothing worse than a laptop or a phone with a low battery and you’ve forgotten your charger or there’s no electricity supply near, so be organised and invest in a portable charger and guarantee that those emails and calls will be made before jumping on board.

If technology fails, which it can happen, always be prepared with the very traditional pen and paper. Until you find an electricity outlet jotting down your ideas or important business notes on a piece of paper will ensure you won’t miss out on anything.

It may seem like the obvious one but make sure you have accommodation organised. If you have it booked in advance you can rest easy, sit back and enjoy your flight. Try and reserve accommodation that will suit your needs best, there’s a broad range of choices from hotels to serviced apartments you won’t be stuck for options.

Now who’s ready for that all important business trip? Don’t forget to pack your best business suit.


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