If I were Mark Zuckerberg, what would I buy?

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, does the name ring a bell? Well it should, he is the President and chief executive of the second most visited site after Google. Not only did he co-found and create the world’s fastest growing social networking site Facebook along with his Harvard classmates, but he did it all when he was just 20 years old. As of March 2012, according to FORBES magazine, Zuckerberg has a net worth of an estimated $17.5 billion, that is approximately £10.9 billion. This just proves that you don’t need a lifetime to become a millionaire or even billionaire, but you might need the brains to execute the most genius idea that has hit the Internet since the creation of search engine Google.


Launched from his Harvard dormitory room, Facebook is now the world’s largest social networking site. Who would have imagined this site would eventually as predicted by analysts as $100 billion valuation. Zuckerberg is actually a Harvard drop out, who knew you could become a billionaire without college education? Maybe don’t go dropping out of your education just yet though!


Action figures tickle your fancy?

For 1 billion dollars, Zuckerberg could purchase every action figure sold in the US for a year. If that’s what he is into why not. However maybe Zuckerberg could purchase a private jet, the most expensive in the world coming in at a whooping $59.9 million and still have a nice comfortable life with seventeen billion four hundred and forty million one hundred thousand dollars left. Or maybe he would prefer to buy a whole Boeing 747 for a staggering $260 million, this wouldn’t break his bank.


If he wants to return to his hometown of New York for dinner he can visit Serendipity 3, and purchase the world’s most expensive hot dog at $69 a pop, and for dessert he can munch on the “Frrrozen Haute Chocolate” for a cool $25,000, made from a blend of 28 of the most expensive cocoas from across the globe.


Red Tibetan Mastiff

I would more than likely save that 1 billion dollars and spent it on buying other things, just because I can, I am Mark Zuckerberg (well just for today at least). I would purchase America’s most expensive house for $200 million, a bargain for 63 acres. To get around I would like to drive the Bugatti Veyron Super Sports car for $2.4 million, and to guard my house I would get the most expensive and cutest dog, a red Tibetan Mastiff puppy for an over-whelming $1 million dollars. And for barbecue evenings with my friends and family I would cook up a storm on my 24 carat gold plated barbecue for $165,000, the burgers would definitely taste so much more delicious and mouth watering.



Diamond Wrapped Iphone.

To check my Facebook because I am the President and Chief Executive of the company I would use my $8 million diamond wrapped Iphone4, one of the two made globally, and if I can’t remember where I left that I would use my $8 million dollar diamond encrusted solid gold Ipad2. Oh the choices.


I could have a ‘Holiday home’ in London, which would be nothing less than a $221 million penthouse just to get away from the busy life in Palo Alto and spend some quality time with my girlfriend. She would definitely be treated to a $51,000 10 carat diamond manicure and sure I might just buy her Dorothy’s red shoes from the Wizard of Oz, for $666,000.


Buy an island?? YES PLEASE!! For only $8.5 million, I could own Leaf Caye, a beautiful Island in the Bahamas, it’s even got its own runway, perfect for my private jet…or Boeing 747, I still can’t decide. Bandaa Dhidhoo, an island located in the stunning Maldives is only $6 million, cheaper than the last and perhaps more secluded! The decisions I have to make!!


But the fact of the matter is I am NOT Mark Zuckerberg, so I can NOT purchase all of these outrageous things. I don’t have any tough decision on whether I want to own a private jet or a $4.8 billion yacht! I have learned one thing though, money can’t buy you happiness but it can buy you some pretty cool stuff. I better stop dreaming, I don’t know if I could create another website capable of the successes of Facebook….or can I… maybe watch this space!


Ok I’ll stop dreaming now…


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