Pinterest, important social networking for businesses?


Pinterest is taking the world by storm as the third most used social networking site, after Facebook and Twitter across the globe according to the Los Angeles Times. Even though the majority of users are women, this is expected to change in the future. The 2012 Digital Marketer:benchmark and Trend Report, discovered that  91% of adults now use social media  more regularly. A survey by Price Grabber has found that the most popular interest on the relatively new social networking site is cooking with 71% followed by home decorating, crafting, fashion, entertaining and gardening. Many businesses believe that they have no reason to be on Pinterest, however this is a common mistake. Businesses should be on Pinterest as it allows them to engage with their audience by pinning pictures or videos of interest to their boards. The idea of Pinterest is that people will follow your boards if they have an interest in them, this will generate an attraction towards your brand from the audience. You can pin an array of different pictures or videos from Architecture to fashion, home decorating to food and drink, and technology to nature and photography. Using Pinterest for your business will generate more of an attraction towards your business. As long as you use it correctly that is!


To use Pinterest in a creative way for your business you should pin things that are clear to your companies values and beliefs or have at least the slightest bit of relevance to your business to entice a broader audience. Create a customer engagement board, to get your followers more involved and let them have their say. This will create a rapport between you and your followers which is very important for any business. By pinning happy, positive, feel good pictures or videos, I believe your followers will automatically feel better and less stressed and they will in turn link your business with positive memories. Show your companies culture or office atmosphere through what you pin on your boards. If you have a fun office show people, it’s a lot more exciting than a boring one I can tell you that. Follow other people to view what sort of boards they have created and repin their boards if they are of interest to your company.


Since Pinterest began in late 2009, it has treatened the popularity of its competitors, Facebook and Twitter. Facebook has recently forked out 1 billion dollars on instagram, a photo sharing program which allows users to take a photo and digitally modify it and share it across a number of Social networking sites. This seems to be an attempt by Facebook to block off Pinterest, this competition can only be a good thing between social networking sites as more and more people want to get involved in the action of all of these sites.


What are you waiting for? Get your businesses onto Pinterest! It well create more awareness of your brand and it can be a relaxing and enjoyable site. I know because I tend to spend longer than the average user pinning and following boards. It’s just too exciting as well as beneficial to your business because all types of promotion towards your brand is good.


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