Small businesses use social media to grow.

A business in operation in the 21st century, no matter how big or how small it is, no matter what the company deals with, needs to be familiar with social networking sites and keep a constant eye on it and update it regularly. This is due to the constant changing between social media and businesses. Not only does it allow you to get your name out there to the wider audience demographic, but if you approach it in the correct tone suitable to your business, you can reach your target audience and develop a rapport with clients. This can only be of great benefit to your business.

Social Networking has been around forever, although it was a lot different and it used to be a lot harder to connect with people, nowadays you simply log onto your computer and register with whichever social networking sites that are of interest to you and your next connection is just a click away. Easy. This can be said for businesses who use social networking to boost their reputation and highlight the fact that they are a part of the market place. Essentially it’s free advertising but you need to keep it regularly updated for it to have any effect. Connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts together and ensure your website has links to all of the social networking sites your business is currently on, this will make it easier for your audience to find you. People don’t want complication in their social networking lives.

Blogs are a massive part of any business today, they allow an individual or group within the company to create posts that are of interest to the companies clients or have some relevance to the company. The most engaging blogs interest your readers in a way that is personal to them. A blog must be intangible to be engaging to the viewer, one that has personality shining through will retain your audience. Make them fun and quirky you want to keep your readership high.

The 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report revealed that small business owners are seeing the best results from social media marketing. This is yet again another reason your business should be engulfed into the world that is online social networking. With so many different sites to choose from like the aforementioned Twitter and Facebook, others like Linkedin, Pinterest, Stumble Upon and Blogspot will provide your business with many different outlets to get your information out there, or provide your audience with interesting reads.

Don’t allow the larger companies to intimidate your business in the social networking circuit. By using social media you can create a whole new world for your business that interacts with your loyal customers and new customers alike. It will generate a greater audience if you ‘tweet’

or blog about interesting things rather than trying to constantly sell your product.

Facebook now has 845 million active users across the globe with 50% of the North American population active Facebook members. This is a massive amount of people from various backgrounds with unique interests, so don’t lose focus, you can connect with these people and make your business evolve for the best.

If your starting off as a small business especially in today’s economic climate, it is a cheaper way to get your company out there, instead of spending thousands on advertising, social networking allows you to reach your audience at a more personal level for no cost at all. Sweet deal! So get your business ‘linkedin’ and explore a greater world.


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