The Growth of Serviced Apartments.

A weekend away to a 4 star hotel was the norm when I was a kid, but over the past number of years serviced apartments have grown in popularity for not only corporate business travel but for families, couples, or small groups wanting a weekend away in their choosen location. In 2010, figures released by the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers, had confirmed that the growth in serviced apartments had continued to increase throughout 2010. But why is this??

The Spires Serviced Apartment, Birmingham, England.

There are many benefits in choosing to stay in a serviced apartment. For a start the apartment will give you a lot more space and comfort than the traditional hotel room will ever give you. The apartments come fully furnished, with the highest quality of bed linen, towels and tioletries. The standard of a serviced apartment is of the highest quality, the majority of serviced apartments across the UK are of 4 or 5 star rating.




The Spires Serviced Apartment, Aberdeen, Scotland.

A fully furnished kitchen will allow you to eat what you want whenever you want which gives you the flexibility you would enjoy at home. If you take pleasure in cooking, and preparing a nice meal for yourself or the family, you can take peace of mind knowing that a maid service is provided and you don’t need to clean up afterwards, bliss! If your not a morning person and you would prefer not to enter the kitchen to make your breakfast only for your morning coffee, a continental breakfast can be available on request. If cooking is not your forte, never fear, serviced apartments allow you to order deliveries from local take aways like Chinese, Indian or pizzeria’s. The majority of serviced apartments are located within a city centre so restaurants are never far away if you are in the mood for a change of scenery.


Fortunately these fantastic apartments can come in cheaper than your average hotel room, and your getting more space, luxury and comfort for what your paying. Hotel rooms can charge per person sharing however, serviced apartments rates are based on the room. Serviced apartments can offer you one bedroom apartments which cater for two people sharing or a two bedroom suite which can sleep up to six people, this is perfect for families or for small groups who can split the cost between six people making it a lot cheaper.



Each apartment comes with a private lounge and dining area, a bathroom and choice of ensuite, and fully equipped kitchen area. This gives the guest a lot more privacy and space than a regular hotel that only provide you with a room and an ensuite bathroom. Like hotels however, serviced apartments provide dry cleaning, ironing and laundry services even though each room is equipped with an integrated washer/dryer, iron and ironing board. Safety deposit boxes are provided in every apartment and luggage storage facilities are available. Each apartment has its own colour digital television and dvd player to keep everyone entertained. Internet access and direct-dial phones are available throughout the apartments, ideal for corporate travel along with an abundance of work space within each apartment to make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable while completing your work.

Overall a serviced apartment will provide you with a cheaper, comfortable, spacious and luxurious experience in comparison to a traditional hotel. It’s a home away from home so to speak! Whether you want to stay one night or one year a serviced apartment will accommodate for all.


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