Olympic Torch comes to Scotland!

It’s hard to believe that the first Olympic Games took place in the year 776 BC and with the opening ceremony taking place in London on the 27th of July a lot has changed since the very first Games. What hasn’t changed is the importance of the Olympic torch and the flame that burns to represent the historical Games. The ancient Greeks believed fire was given to mankind by Prometheus, in greek mythology Prometheus is a titan who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to humans.  In ancient Greece, mythologies and rituals are an important part of life thus a Greek ritual also included torch relays, however this was not a part of the Olympic Games.

The flame emphasizes the connection between the ancient games and the modern games. The modern use of the Olympic flame began in 1936 and continues today. This year, the Olympic torch began its journey by the lighting of the flame on the 10th of May in Olympia, Greece. The torch was then flown to the Royal Naval Air Station in Cornwall from Athens on a BA aircraft known as The Firefly BA2012 Aircraft where it was carried by 3-time Gold medallist Ben Ainslie to begin the Olympic Flame relay.

From there the torch has since made the journey through England before crossing over the Irish Sea where it was carried through Dublin and continued on into Northern Ireland. Today will see the flame crossing back over the Irish sea, but this time it will continue through Scotland towards Glasgow tomorrow, Friday the 8th of June. Not only is this an amazing experience for the people of Scotland to see and to be a part of the famous torch’s journey, but it is putting the towns and cities of Scotland on a global stage, showing the world why Scotland is such a fantastic tourist destination. The torch will then make its way up to the most northern parts of Scotland, Inverness and the Shetland Islands before hitting Aberdeen on Monday the 11th of June. The torch will be carried up Aberdeen main street, Union Street, before continuing onto Great Western Road in which it will pass by the office and apartment blocks of The Spires. Everyone here in the office are über excited to see the amazing sights of the Olympic torch being carried right on the doorstep. So anyone staying with The Spires are sure to have a fantastic view of Chris Pinnell, a Youth worker and Engineer from Westhill who will be carrying the torch through the streets of Aberdeen. Pinnell who was nominated by his co-workers has been inspiring more than 4,500 scouts and leaders over the last 35 years.

This is an amazing once in a lifetime experience for the torchbearers and for the people of the UK to celebrate the importance of the Games been hosted in London. Make sure you don’t miss it, get out and live through this, it’s right on your doorstep, you have no excuses…


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