3 Reasons why we love holidays..

Summer is practically upon us which only means one thing….HOLIDAYS!!! The sweet smell of sea air, the warm sun on our backs, the endless supply of mojitos by the pool served to us by Antonio the friendly bartender….OK now were dreaming, but one thing is for sure holidays are a time to relax and get away from our busy working lives and take that well deserved break!! We love holidays here at The Spires especially when all year round were booking our wonderful customers in to one of our many apartments in Aberdeen, Glasgow or Birmingham. But it comes to this time of year when we want to book our own holiday because well we deserve it! Whether you intend to go home to your family for a few days, grab a last-minute city break deal or you’ve planned a week away where your guaranteed sun, sea, sand and sangria, you’re sure to be relaxed, stress free and refreshed to get back to work, well almost.

1. De-stress

Getting away for that well deserved break will relax you and allow you to de-stress from your hectic year of work. Holidays will help you to relax and your body and mind will be a lot more refreshed and ready to go back to work come the end of your holidays. Well that’s if you don’t decide to have a mental booze filled holiday and return even more puffy eyed than before. We’re all guilty of that! Laze by the pool, on the beach and get everything handed to you, and of course soak up that glorious sun. We’re all lacking in vitamin D here in the UK because lets face it 5 days of sun a year isn’t going to provide us with those all important vitamins to give us glowing and healthy skin.

2. Food and Drink

Depending on where you decide to go, holidays are generally the best time to sample the tastes and flavours of your chosen destination. Maybe you have spent the past year shedding the pounds to get into that fabulous polka dot bikini, but your on your holidays, it’s the unwritten rule, so eat, drink and be merry! Be sure to taste the local produce and sample food that you wouldn’t normally try, this will broaden your taste buds and you never know it could become a favourite dish, one to bring home and continue cooking yourself even!

3. FUN

Obviously we want to get away from our serious work life and indulge in some fun whilst on holidays! Water sports, cocktails, clubbing, shopping, and eating glorious meals each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner (don’t judge we’re on holidays) are all my idea of fun while away on my holidays. Whether your idea of fun is lying by the pool getting yourself a natural glow or you’d prefer to be diving into the depths of the ocean you can do what you want because it’s your holiday, the joys!!

So you’ve packed your summer clothes, the sun cream, and your new sun hat. All that’s left to do is getting to the airport on time and begin your relaxing break, be sure not to spend too much time in the airport bar, beginning your holiday by sprinting through the airport won’t exactly have a calming effect on you. Don’t forget to switch off your work e-mails, the only reading you should be doing is John Irving’s latest novel by the pool.


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