Serviced Apartments: The Cost Effective Alternative


When thinking of serviced apartments the common benefits that tend to be associated with them are the additional space and comfort they provide. Although this is all perfectly true, there is more to be considered; namely the cost savings they can enable. At this time where we understand why corporate customers are aiming to reduce costs more than ever and to tighten the purse strings, we at The Spires Serviced Apartments want to offer a solution that helps them achieve this task whilst keeping the standards they are used to high. As the old adage goes, cutting on costs does not mean having to shrimp on quality.

In recent weeks The Apartment Service released the 2015-2016 edition of The Global Serviced Apartments Industry Report which revealed how 72.7% of companies now utilise serviced apartments in order to accommodate employees working on corporate projects out with their home location. It was discovered how 81.48% of respondents favoured serviced apartments over hotels and in particular regards to corporate buyers, this preference stems from the competitive rate that serviced apartments offer with 75.4% of corporate customers noting how the rate was the most critical purchasing influence.

Consequently, it can begin to be seen how serviced apartments are the affordable alternative that corporate bookers are increasingly considering, and here at The Spires we have the evidence to attest to this:

  • As well as one-bedroom apartments, we can offer two-bedroom apartments where two people can stay in one apartment and share facilities like the kitchen and lounge but have their own room and bathroom. Clearly, this is considerably cheaper than booking two separate hotels room, particularly for a long-stay basis.
  • At The Spires, we offer fully fitted kitchens including fridge/freezer, microwaves, hobs and ovens and everyone’s favourite appliance: the dishwasher. This will make meal allowances that employees are provided with stretch much further because as a result they do not have to pay the high prices associated with restaurant dining.
  • As well as kitchen appliances, we also offer washing machines and dryers in all our apartments meaning customers can save on the hefty laundry charges associated with hotels. Similarly, employees can be crafty and save on airplane baggage charges because instead of needing to check in a bag in hold, they can simply check in a cabin bag with the knowledge they can wash all their clothes in their own time.
  • A misconception with serviced apartments is the idea that a lease has to be taken out, however at The Spires we operate as a hotel and therefore we book rooms per night (although not per person per night)-although you can stay as long or as short as you like! Therefore, guests only pay the competitive rate we offer and are not subject to paying for utilities.
  • In comparison with hotels, our rates are lower because while we do offer hotel services such as check-in and housekeeping and are always there to meet guest needs, we do not offer them to the same full-service degree. Therefore, we can pass on savings in labour costs.
  • Similarly, we appreciate that things are always changing in business and to expect the unexpected. Therefore, we offer great flexibility in terms of our cancellation policy as well as when it comes to extending guest stays; the longer you stay, the cheaper it may be!
  • Free parking (in Aberdeen). Need we say more?

In doubt? According to the Apartment Service Global Report 2012, cost savings between 15% and 20% can be reached through the use of serviced accommodation due to the savings made on accommodation, dining and laundry. A real-life case reflects the accuracy of this statement as a serviced apartment agent managed to reduce DAC Beachcroft’s accommodation costs by a fifth through the provision of serviced apartments with savings of 17% per night in comparison to a hotel.

Ultimately with The Spires you get the best of both worlds; you receive the key services provided by hotels such as housekeeping and breakfast on request, but at a much more affordable price with the added value of extra space, security and privacy. Not only is it the best of both worlds, but it is the best for both parties because not only do the employers cut costs, but the employees can also be happy with the extra flexibility and freedom the apartment provides; potentially leading to increased productivity and morale. Everyone wins!

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